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Traditional and custom solutions for commercial artisan bakers

Organic Grain Sourcing

Farmers are part of the heart and soul of Central Milling. In the grain farming world, there are only a handful of organic growers which makes milling an organic flour to tight specifications, on consistent basis, extremely complex. Our grain is grown in diverse regions with many varieties in the ground. This allows us to create organic flour blends – bagged and bulk – all year round. We can also help with heirloom and single-origin products.

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Transitioning to Organic

The demand for organic products is growing in leaps and bounds. We’ve been there from the beginning and know all the ins-and-outs of handling organic products at an industrial level. From documentation, to formulation, to the first line test, we can help you every step of the way.

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Custom Flour Milling

We march to the beat of our own drummer. Maybe you do, too. It’s possible that one of our standard offerings doesn’t quite match up with what you are looking for…

Good news: we can help! We will create custom products based on your needs, whether you’re after a unique grain blend, a single varietal flour or a specific granulation. We can even create a specification customized for your production line or dough process.

Searching for the perfect custom flour or grain blend?

Blending & Mixing

Mixes and blends can save you time, space and money. Why inventory nine different grains and seeds for one bread when you can simply scale and pour a perfectly portioned blend right into your mixing bowl? Or maybe you want to protect a proprietary pizza formula from walking out the front door? A custom mix could be the insurance you need.

Our blending facility can handle all types of grain, seed, and finished mixes. We’d love to help you streamline your process and protect your products. Contact us to get started.


There are a lot of moving parts to a private label program. Over the past two decades we have become private label experts and can be your one-stop shop for sourcing, milling, packing and delivery. We pride ourselves in being one of the few milling companies that never ran our retail partners out of small pack flour during the COVID Pandemic. From Organic All-Purpose Flour to custom Baking Mixes, we will help you keep your products in-stock and on-shelves, from coast-to-coast.

When it comes to co-packing, we’ve got your back (and your bag).

Formulation & Inspiration

Are you dreaming of a finished product but can’t quite figure out how to make it? Maybe you just need to bounce some ideas off of someone in the know? We’d love to help formulate (and stimulate) your product development and set you up for commercial success.

Getting excited? So are we…

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If your operation can’t handle truckloads of flour straight from the mill, you’re in luck: our distribution network should have you covered. Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do our best to come up with a creative solution or find someone to help.

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Our Certifications

We (literally) helped write the book on Organics and are proud to work with our farmers and certifiers alike to ensure only the best, sustainably grown flour & grains end up in your hands.

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