Flour & Grains FAQs

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Is your Organic Flour Non-GMO?

All Organic wheat flour produced by Central Milling is Non-GMO. Organic crops must not be genetically engineered in order to be labeled as “Organic.”

Is your Commercial Flour Non-GMO?

All wheat flour produced by Central Milling is Non-GMO. In fact, currently the US has not approved any GMO wheat for sale.

Is your flour bromated?

Never! None of the products made by Central Milling are bromated.

Is your flour enriched?

Most of our Red Rose unbleached flours are enriched. The best way to know is to check the ingredient label; enriched flours will be labeled as such.

What does it mean if a flour says it is “malted”?

“Malted” means that a very small amount of Organic Malted Barley Flour, Malted Barley Flour, or a natural enzyme has been added to the flour to stabilize fermentation. The ‘Malt’ also helps with coloring in yeast risen products.

What is “ash” and why would I want it in my flour?

Every wonder what those little specs in your flour are? Those are bits of the bran and the germ that are intentionally left in the flour to increase the flavor, nutrition, and look of the flour. The higher the number, the closer to whole grain the flour is. A number in the name of a flour is an indication of the ash content of that flour. For example, Type 70 is a 70 ash and Type 85 is an 85 ash. This naming convention is the way some common types of flour are named in France.

What is the “best by” date of my flour?

We use an industrial Lot numbering system in order to trace our flour back to when and where it was milled (and, ultimately, where the grain came from). To find out when it was milled, take a look at the last 4 digits of the Lot number. The last digit is the year (“0” would be 2020, for example) and the three digits preceding that is the day of the year (365 would be December 31, for example). Our flours are generally considered good for a year after they’re milled, if stored properly.

Are there any Grocery stores in my area that carry your flour?

This is possible but we cannot be 100% sure. Distribution networks are pretty complicated and we are not privy to the customer lists of the distribution companies we sell products to. That being said, you can always take a look at our Distributor Map and contact someone near you to see if they distribute our flour to a local business where you can pick some up. The next best thing to do is to check the store shelves or the bulk bins of your local store(s) and see if the product is made by us. If you are looking for a good All-Purpose or Whole Wheat flour, I hear both the organic and conventional versions at Whole Foods and Safeway are truly exceptional (wink wink).

Why did you stop stocking your pancake mix at Costco?

Costco moves products between their warehouses to meet their marketing and sales goals. This means they may remove a product from a warehouse temporarily – and without warning. They tell us to tell our customers that it is best to request the product from the Customer Service counter of your favorite store.

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