Organic Sifted Bread Flour
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Organic Type 110

Organic sifted bread flour

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This organic sifted bread flour – a blend of hard red winter and hard red spring wheat – has been designed to replicate older milling techniques when flour was lightly sifted. The higher ash value increases the nutritional value of this flour and the flavor is fantastic. Not quite white and not quite whole grain, this flour leans more towards whole wheat. And, in case you are wondering, it does contain the germ! Organic Type 110 sifted bread flour is perfect for sourdough and rustic-style breads of any shape and size.

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Whole-grain English Muffins

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Baking Applications: Bread, Pastry & Viennoiserie, Sourdough
Product Attributes: High Protein, Sifted Flour

Product Specifications

Protein / 12.5%**
Ash / 1.10%
Blend / Organic Hard Red Winter and Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat
Flour Treatment / None

Storage Recommendations

We recommend that you store this organic sifted bread flour in a cool and dry place. 65°F and 60% humidity is ideal. The flour will keep for 6 months to a year under these storage conditions. We also recommend that you store the flour in a sealed food-safe plastic container. Something like this will do fine.


100% Organic / Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF)
Kosher / Orthodox Union
Processed in an AIB Superior and SQF Certified mill

The Central Milling Difference