Organic Whole Spelt Flour


Finely milled 100% whole Spelt

LB Bag (0 KG) $8.86 per bag


Our 100% Whole Spelt is one of our most poular types of flour. Spelt — also known as Farro Grande or Einkorn & Emmer’s younger brother — grows tall and has a hull, just like its older siblings. Spelt, however, performs much better in bread baking applications. It delvelops a stonger gluten network that will give your Spelt bread greater volume than Einkorn or Emmer. Whole Spelt is a great substitute for whole wheat flour or all purpose flour in pie and tart crusts. Spelt has similar baking characteristics as wheat but can be a healthier choice. Spelt is more water saluble than wheat which makes spelt easier to digest.

Product Specifications

Protein / 14.5%**
Ash / 1.60%
Blend / Spelt
Flour Treatment / None

Storage Recommendations

We recommend that you store this flour in a cool and dry place. 65°F and 60% humidity is ideal. The flour will keep for 6 months to a year under these storage conditions. We also recommend that you store the flour in a sealed food-safe plastic container. Something like this will do fine.


100% Organic / Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF)
Kosher / Orthodox Union
Processed in an AIB Superior and SQF Certified mill