Simple & Delicious Pancakes

A tried-and-true everyday pancake recipe

Pancakes are one of the simplest things to cook for breakfast. All you need is a handful of ingredients (which you probably have on-hand) mixed in a bowl, a hot griddle and some hungry mouths. This basic pancake recipe features our Organic All-Purpose Flour, which is malted for extra flavor and color. These pancakes aren’t super-sweet or eggy, and have just the right amount of baking powder so the cakes are fluffy, but not overly salty/alkaline.

This recipe also features a lesser-known tip for better pancakes, which is to allow some time for the flour to hydrate. When your flour is fully hydrated, your pancakes will be fluffier because the flour is more capable of trapping the carbon dioxide released by the baking powder while cooking.

Once you have the basic recipe down, feel free to create some fun variations… For a more nutritious pancake, sub out 1/3 of the AP flour for a finely milled whole wheat or whole spelt flour (plus an extra tablespoon or two of milk). Or, for banana pancakes, simply mash some bananas into the batter and add a splash of vanilla extract and a couple teaspoons of cinnamon. Yum!


Number of Units: 8 pancakes  /  Unit Weight: ~77 grams  /  Total Weight: 615 grams

PANCAKE BATTER Baker’s % Weight
Organic “Beehive” All-Purpose Flour 100 208 g
Baking Powder 4 8 g
Sugar 7 15 g
Salt 0.5 1 g
Milk 145 302 g
Eggs, large 24 50 g
Butter, melted 15 31 g
Total 295.5 615 g
Mixing Type Hand
Mix Until combined
First Fermentation 5–20 min
Dividing About ¼ c or 77 g
Cook Until golden, 2–4 min per side on med-high heat


Active Time: 5–10 min  /  Inactive Time: 5–20 min  /  Cooking Time: 4–8 min per pancake


In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt together.

Add eggs and milk and mix until combined. The batter should be slightly lumpy.

Add the melted butter into the batter and fold until just combined. Try not to overmix the batter. A batter that is overmixed will result in a more doughy and underbaked bread rather than a cake-like texture.

Let the batter rest for at least 5 mins and up to 20 min in order to hydrate the flour. As the batter is resting, heat up your skillet, griddle, or pan on medium-high heat and lightly coat the surface with butter or a neutral cooking oil.

Scoop ¼ cup of batter onto the pan and cook each side 2-4 min or until golden brown. If you’ve got the room, feel free to cook as many pancakes at once as you can manage. Just remember to leave enough space to allow for easy flipping halfway through.

As far as flipping goes, the best visual cue to know they’re about ready to flip is to wait until bubbles start to form in the center and the bubbles on the edges are just barely filling in after popping. If your pancakes are too brown when you flip them over, decrease the heat a bit before starting on the next round.

Once they’re ready, serve immediately to the first hungry mouth(s) you can find. Butter is mandatory. Quality maple syrup is always appreciated.

Dig in!


Organic Beehive

Unbleached malted organic all-purpose flour


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