Vollkorn Dinkelbrot

Whole-Grain Spelt Bread

This formula challenges the traditional methods of making German ‘Vollkorn’ style breads. Made with Organic Whole Spelt Flour, all the flour weight soaks overnight – where spontaneous fermentation can occur (depending on the levels of microflora from the air and flour you are using). This process, along with the natural properties of this ancient grain, make this bread immensely flavorful and easy to digest. This formula is quick to execute the night before you want to bake. And, it’s all mixed by hand so you get the true ‘Artisan’ experience.



Number of Units: 2 loaves  /  Unit Weight: 850 grams  /  Total Weight: 1700 grams

SOAKER Fermentation: 12-15 hrs at 70-75˚F
Baker’s % Weight
Organic 100% Whole Spelt Flour 100 697 g
Water 80 558 g
Buttermilk 20 139 g
Honey 6 42 g
Sunflower Seeds 15 105 g
Pumpkin Seeds 10 70 g
Total 231 1610 g
Baker’s % Weight
Soaker 100 1610 g
Water 4.33 70 g
Instant Dry Yeast 0.15 2.4 g
Salt 1.13 18 g
Total 105.61 1700.4 g
Dough Temperature 74-76˚F
Mixing Time* Mixer: Hand
First: N/A
Second: N/A
Gluten Structure Incorporated
First Fermentation 1 hr
Dividing 850 g
Pre-shaping None
Resting Time None
Shaping Round
Final Fermentation Rm Temp 1 hr
Baking** 450˚F 1 hr
Steam Yes

*Mixing time can vary depending on mixer.
**Baking time and temp can vary depending on oven.


Combine all the ingredients in the Soaker formula. Mix by hand until all the liquid is completely incorporated. There should be no dry flour in this mixture. The mixture will be shaggy and loose. Let the soaker sit overnight, covered, in a plastic or stainless steel bowl.

The next morning.

Preheat your oven to 500 ̊F.

Dissolve the salt in the remaining water weight. Add the instant dry yeast to the Soaker and mix it a little by hand. Then add the salty water mixture and continue to mix till all the water is incorporated. The entire mixture should feel like a dough at this point. Let proof at room temperature for one hour.

After an hour, turn the dough onto a damp surface and cut into two equal parts — approximately 850g each. With a scraper in one hand, create a boule with the dough piece and place it into a large loaf pan. Continue with the remaining piece of dough and let proof for one hour at room temperature.

Lightly score an X on the top of each loaf and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top of each loaf. Place in the 500 ̊F oven and immediately drop the temperature of the oven to 450 ̊F. If you have the skills to apply steam at this point, do so. Bake for approximately one hour or until the top of the bread is a deep mahogany color.

This bread is best after it cools for at least five hours and is dynamite the next day.


Organic Whole Spelt Flour

Finely milled 100% whole Spelt flour


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